Links I Love

Lark in the Morning
I discovered this site when I was about 20 and it was way cooler then, with audio clips of every weird world instrument you could never imagine. My college days were mostly spent browsing this site instead of writing articles. Sadly, most of the audio clips are gone, but you can still browse and buy their plethora of strange instruments.

Craigslist Toronto Musical Instruments for Sale

Freecycle Toronto
I got an accordion from here, almost got an omnichord, and have rounded up lots of materials for DIY projects — all for free. Things go quickly so keep your eyes peeled throughout the day or stick up a “wanted” post.

Cold Gold Contact Mics
This lady from B.C. is my hero. She makes inexpensive, gorgeous contact mics of all kinds, ships them for free and within a couple days, and even puts gold glitter on them. If you like to make sounds, you need to check this site out.
It sounds cheesy but it’s actually not. I got my beloved baritone saw from here (the whole kit) and it was the best musical purchase I ever made. The case comes in handy big time and the cute little dancing saw logo on it helps me better explain myself when at the airport or accosted by strangers asking me if I’m carrying a gun.

Some guy on YouTube playing an electric saw
Hey, it’s pretty cool!


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